Success Stories

What Parents Have Said About the Academic Program:

“The thing I appreciate the most is that there are academic standards that are known. What the child must accomplish to get to the next grade is known and worked on and attained.”

“My son can move at his own speed through his classes so he is not slowed or on too steep a gradient.”

What Parents Have Said About the School Grounds:

“You really support and promote student involvement in the arts AND you have the best campus anywhere – hills, trees, blue skies, breezes – lots of room in an aesthetic environment.”

“I love the open space and view and the woodsy surroundings. And, it has a homey atmosphere.”

“My daughter understands what she wants to accomplish in life and is working towards it. It is important to me that the arts are alive at Canyon View. Each graduation I feel the emotional impact that the kids create with music, art and dance. Additionally the space is great. It is as off the beaten track of the city as one can get, without leaving L.A. I really like the campus.”

What Parents Have Said About the Class Sizes and How Their Child Has Grown as a Student:

“Students are exposed to and interact on a daily basis with other children both younger and older than themselves. This gives them a broader exposure to life and the interaction with other people that larger schools do not have.”

“I chose Canyon View because it had a big curriculum for my kids and the environment was perfect. It was small enough to give my kids a good gradient into school and class sizes small enough that I knew they would have the teacher’s attention.”

Here is a success story from one of our first Canyon View Academy 9th grade graduates, Jason Dohring. He is now in his 20s and is having a very successful career as an actor: 

A little background data on him … Jason has been on stage since he was 8 years old. He has appeared in numerous feature films and television series including recurring roles on The Division, Boston Public and Once and Again, guest appearances on Cold Case, Judging Amy, JAG, Roswell, Bay Watch and a starring role in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Journey.
He also starred as Logan Echolls in the TV drama, Veronica Mars. 

Jason recently starred as the billionaire investment manager—and 400 year old vampire—Josef on CBS’s

Moonlight, which earned a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama.
Here is what he has to say:

 “It is certainly my honor to share these wins with you and I thank you for the opportunity!  This is quite special for me as well, as I was one of the graduates in Canyon View’s first graduating class!  One of the most valuable tools I learned while being a student here was getting an understanding of and applying the Study Technology. I have made a very successful career out of knowing and using this one tool! I would even go so far as to say the ONLY reason I have been so successful as an actor, is that I never went past anything I didn’t understand! This is so key and in my opinion, it cannot be stated firmly enough. I use these tools not only in the field of acting, but in everything I do.  This is the one thing I want all of the students and parents to take away with them and that is that Mr. Hubbard’s Study Technology has really helped me succeed.  I want to thank Wendy Booth and her Canyon View staff for really putting me on this road.   Best, Jason”